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Trynerd Technologies - Affordable customised database solutions

Frequently asked questions

I have the Microsoft Office software suite installed on my computer. It includes Microsoft Access. What does this do?

It's possible to set up custom databases in Microsoft Access® to store your business data. Data can then be extracted from the database to produce customised reports for your business. These reports can be displayed on your computer monitor or printed.

Our business stores its information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Doesn't this do the same job as Microsoft Access?

Using its tabular format, it is possible to store data in an Microsoft Excel® spreadsheet. So, yes, it is a kind of database. However, with Microsoft Access® it is easier to:

  • Enter and retain large amounts of data
  • Extract related data dynamically or "on the fly"
  • Link the data to other applications
  • Have more than one person using the data at one time

Why use a database?

A database is a powerful tool that can:

  • Improve the availability of key information that is relevant to managing your business
  • Make you business operations more efficient
  • Lower the administration costs of your business

OK, if Trynerd Technologies develops a Microsoft Access database system for my business, can we use the historical data that's in our Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with the new system?

Yes, the data from Microsoft Excel® can be exported to Microsoft Access® and it's possible to dynamically link Access database records with your spreadsheets, if required for your financial reporting, etc.

Do I need to have Microsoft Access installed before I can run software developed by Trynerd Technologies?

No, you don't need to have Microsoft Access® pre-installed. Tyrnerd Technologies can supply your business with a software package that incorporates the necessary database software.

Please contact us for further assistance

We are fire and flood restorers as well as carpet cleaners and we needed a system that was simple to use and efficient that dealt with the flood and fire component of our business. Since having our system written by Michelle Mulo, invoicing is fast, accurate, looks professional and our turnaround for payments have improved.

In the setting up of this program, I found that Michelle understood my level of computer skills and was able to create a program that was very simple and easy to use.

As my retirement date drew closer it was very easy to explain to the new office manager how the program worked and it was effortless to hand over the administration.

When setting up this program, there was minimal disruption and I found that Michelle always responded to our queries promptly.

Rita F